Happy Creative Easter !


I love Easter in Lithuania – it is probably the only celebration when you must be artistic and creative, you just have no other choice! Common in many Slavic countries colorful egg  now is mainly associated with Easter, although tradition is much older than Christianity and an egg was known as a symbol of beginning of each live creature in many old civilizations including Roman and Egypt mythology.

Traditional techniques in Lithuania include dying with natural dyes (onion peel, red cabbage, beetroot, lemongrass, green or fruit tea) and drawing  with wax or scratching dye off (both ways create ornaments), however, nowadays people are much more experimental and colour eggs in any possible ways – decorating with foil, wrapping into silk scarfs and dipping into vinegar, decoupaging, melting crayon sprinkles just to mention a few…

My Easter eggs are dyed using one of the simplest, however, my most favorite technique – I wrapped them into fabric with some leafs and flowers and boiled in what I would call ”strong onion skin tea”.


Seeing how well plant based dyes work on eggs it makes me wonder if they could be used for textiles instead of poisonous chemical dyes which I will try to explore in near future.

For the first time I decided to try this other technique – cutting crayons into little pieces and melting on hot boiled egg. It is quite fun that this kind of egg can be used for drawing! Next time I will try to use white eggs which will make colors look brighter.




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