People Tree Sample Sale

I had an opportunity to assist with People Tree sample sale which was held on 6th – 8th April in their London head office. After finding out more about fast-fashion’s impact on environment and garment production workers’ lives I felt that in my future career I would like to concentrate on making a positive change in fashion industry and volunteering was a great way to find out about one of the most ethical and sustainable fashion brands. I spent two days and a half helping to prepare for sale and working in showroom during the event.


I was able to to find out more about different roles in the company – I met people from garment technology and PR teams.

Sample sale was more popular then expected – by the end of the first day majority of stock was sold out and it was essential to get more stock from warehouse to continue sale on following days.


It is good to know that People Tree garments are made using organic cotton. Although I usually prefer more extravagant apparel style, it was not difficult to pick something for myself – I absolutely love Peter Jensen print shirt and a few other bits that I chose to wear as my uniform.

I especially liked jewellery  which was handmade by artisans in India, Bangladesh, Kenya. As I occasionally make jewellery myself I found it useful to see which items were most popular as well as discovering some unseen techniques.


People Tree sample sale is a great event for customers who can not afford to buy brand’s merchandise on daily basis but would like to shop ethically. Sample sales are usually held twice a year – follow People Tree on Instagram to make sure that you do not miss the next one!


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