Growing Fabric in my Kitchen

After watching The Next Black – A film about the Future of Clothing and hearing Suzanne Lee talking about the process of growing a fabric with the help of yeast and bacteria I decided that I must try it myself.

I did some research and found out that the Kombucha culture which is used to grow fabric has endless possibilities – from brewing tea to making a snack. It is definitely worth investment  because it is renewable and once you obtained a scoby it can be reused many times.

The Kombucha mother culture scoby arrived today. I had all required ingredients (tea, water, sugar) so I placed the scoby in tea straight away after reading instructions.

Kombucha scoby in black tea

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Visiting the Dover Street Market

I visited the Dover Street Market for the first time after it moved from it’s original location to Haymarket. The store feels more spacious than before, has more luxurious feel but perfectly maintains its quirkiness  with displays as creative as usual – it is definitely one of the best places to get visual merchandising inspiration. Some display  ideas could be used for the pop-up store project which I am currently working on and I feel excited about sharing them with the rest of my team.


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Happy Creative Easter !


I love Easter in Lithuania – it is probably the only celebration when you must be artistic and creative, you just have no other choice! Common in many Slavic countries colorful egg  now is mainly associated with Easter, although tradition is much older than Christianity and an egg was known as a symbol of beginning of each live creature in many old civilizations including Roman and Egypt mythology.

Traditional techniques in Lithuania include dying with natural dyes (onion peel, red cabbage, beetroot, lemongrass, green or fruit tea) and drawing  with wax or scratching dye off (both ways create ornaments), however, nowadays people are much more experimental and colour eggs in any possible ways – decorating with foil, wrapping into silk scarfs and dipping into vinegar, decoupaging, melting crayon sprinkles just to mention a few…

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People Tree Sample Sale

I had an opportunity to assist with People Tree sample sale which was held on 6th – 8th April in their London head office. After finding out more about fast-fashion’s impact on environment and garment production workers’ lives I felt that in my future career I would like to concentrate on making a positive change in fashion industry and volunteering was a great way to find out about one of the most ethical and sustainable fashion brands. I spent two days and a half helping to prepare for sale and working in showroom during the event.


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