EcoChic: Why Denim?

I am currently creating a mini collection for EcoChic design competition.

I decided to work with denim only as I believe this fabric has so much character – all different shades and ways to treat it is definitely enough to make a whole collection for variety of different customers.


My few first samples

Although denim requires intense labour and huge amount of water to be produced, it is long lasting, and, if made only using cotton fibres, can be easily recycled. The New Denim Project by Iris Textiles, for example, collect old denim garments and recycle them into new luxury kitchen accessories, clothing and and footwear.

Due to fabric’s popularity it is easy to collect huge volumes of it and upcycle or reconstruct them. Produced garments can be the same construction, but different shades and levels of wear would make each garment unique, which can be a good selling point.

Upcycled denim has been used by designers to create luxury one-off pieces (Maison Martin Margiela,  Jeffrey Wang)

Demand for denim will grow even more with major companies accepting it at work environment (JP Morgan allows its workers to wear denim in most occasions).


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