Missoni: Final Boards and Evaluation

Sadly today was our last day with Jenny from Missoni.

Each of us needed to present our final moodboards, textile samples and line-ups and briefly discuss what inspired us. We were firstly given feedback by Jenny and afterwards we were asked to give constructive criticism to each other which gave us opportunity to learn from each other. I was complimented for my line-up and samples, however, my sketchbook received some harsh comments which I see as an opportunity to improve.


Throughout this project I improved my research skills – I do not only go to library much more often, but also I am building my own ”library” of inspiring and informative books at home.

Jenny answered some of my questions that I had in mind for a very long time, which restricted my creativity – now I know that in some occasions I do not need to worry about practicality and other aspects because there are other people in fashion design teams that are responsible for that. I usually want to consider everything – from making sure that garment is easy to look after to  planning how to minimize the impact of Chinese New Year to supply chain (seriously), so I feel a little bit relieved now.

I loved making textile samples and now I know more about how to professionally present them. I would like to do something similar for my final year collection – something very textured, with a lot of detail.


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