Working Missoni Way: Research

We love Pinterest. Well at least we did – until Jenny from Missoni told us that Pinterest is not cool. She insisted that we need to do research from books which made me feel a little bit sceptical. I believed that not all talented people have enough money to publish a book and even if they would, library would not have enough money to buy them all. Jenny, of course, was not interested in any excuses and we soon ended up surrounded by piles of art books in a remote corner of the library – quite an unusual experience.

I was scrolling through books without knowing what I am looking for. I needed clearer explanation. The explanation that I got was ” find what you like”, which, I thought, was a really good one. I was advised that I do not need to think about theme yet.

I ended up collecting a pile of images – expressionist paintings,  floristry, crafts, architecture, just to name a few.

1-17016233_1192154664166470_2059972233_o (1)

The most inspiring book that I found was Vitality by florist Annette Kamping which included variety of up-cycling ideas.

Another one that I liked – Ndebele: The Art of an African Tribe by Margaret Courtney-Clark. I took the book home to read it and make sure that I know what I am doing. Jenny said this book has previously been a source of inspiration for Missoni collection which means it is really relevant to our current project.

In the next few days I will be working on sketchbook and collecting yarns, fabric, nets and other materials for the next session with Jenny – we will be making textile samples using various techniques including heat pressing.

The moral of the story is… Yes, I will definitely come back to do research in the library!


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