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My Favorite Walls of Barcelona

I have been collecting images of distressed walls for a while – I find them so mysterious and beautiful. Variety of textures and colors inspires me to think of creating some fashion prints or 3D textile experimentation that could be used to decorate garments. I have recently became interested in woven tapestries and I think that I could use most images for composition inspiration or creating a color palette. Or maybe even try to recreate colors using natural materials for dyeing…

So… which wall is your favorite? 🙂




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Palo Alto Market

I found out about the Palo Alto Market from VueLing magazine – apparently it is useful to switch from Ryanair sometimes.

Palo Alto is an art/crafts/fashion/food market held on the first weekend of the month in an old industrial building in Poblenou district, Barcelona. As stated by organizers, most items are made locally by artists and craftsman. Luckily the next weekend was the Palo Alto market weekend so I could go there and explore it by myself. So what is so special about this market?


Market is held inside the an old industrial building and its garden. I think there is no need to talk more as pictures speak for themselves…



Could it be a very old lift?


Almost everyone who you meet selling goods is an artist and owner of the business. For creative individuals it is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people, for curious customers – find out about how items were made.


Jewellery, leather bags, woolen coats, silk scarfs… Items that are resistant to fast changing fashion and will potentially stay in your  wardrobe forever if you decide to buy one. If, however, items seem too pricey – there are loads of amazing ideas to adapt to your creative projects.  I, for example, could not resist temptation buy a tote bag that has been dyed with plants, rusty screws and nails – I am absolutely in love with it! I have been thinking about trying to dye with natural materials myself for a while and seeing these beautiful items in the market encouraged me to do more research about this process.

I am in love with this WUL tote bag!
Claude&cg is an accessories brand that also uses natural dyes for their beautiful flower inspired jewellery
Cool top by WAISSO
Such clever construction! One of items that I felt I needed to think about before buying and now I regret. The seller did not have a card and I do not know the brand name – if you do please comment 🙂

More information about Palo Alto Market / tickets